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Actor and former pro-surfer, Bob Purvey, is a British-American, who has an eclectic background with many awards in surfing, editing and producing.

Good looks, television commercials, magazine ads and notoriety as a “world class surfer” led to becoming an actor in theatrical film and television roles.  In 1967, he was introduced to film making as a principal champion surfer in a surf movie called “Follow Me”, a full-length surfing odyssey that took place in many exotic coastal locations around the world.  It was produced by Robert E. Peterson Productions and released through Cinerama in 1968.  Made with a skeleton crew, Purvey, who was featured as himself throughout the film, also worked in a variety of capacities, from surfboard cameraman to location hunting.

The transition from professional surfer to professional actor came quickly. Purvey became an international model appearing in magazine advertisements and TV commercials for major brands such as Hallmark, BMW motorcycles, and many more.  Albeit, he was challenged by acting in film and TV over the next decade.  His first major role was in the title role as “The Rebel” in a 1970 episode of Mission: Impossible.  Most notable is Purvey’s performance in the principal role as “Flip,” in the 1977 Emmy nominated CBS pilot, Winners: I Can. He was a series regular as “Rhett Saxton” in the soap opera Lovers and Friends (NBC, 1977), a semi-regular in General Hospital (ABC, 1985-89 and 2008) and had featured roles in A-Team, Rich Man – Poor Man and Young and the Restless, among others. National television commercial appearances (on-camera), include the one-and-only Atari’s Pac Man, Hallmark Card’s “Coming Home” (CLIO award) and the 1st Chevrolet Celebrity commercial, among others. BIO


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“The Strike” by Rod Serling, featuring Ben Kiser and Bob Purvey TRT: 2:18
A variety of clips. TRT: 5:00
General Hospital, Bob played “Lou”
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“In Search of the California Condor,” Narration by Bob Purvey
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